Central Asian Peoples

Afghanistan Prayer Guide Resource

Prayer requests, stories and photography fill this 32-page booklet that will challenge you to pray for Afghanistan.

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Istanbul Prayer Guide Booklet

Step onto the streets of this historic city. Pray for God to build His church in areas rarely visited by tourists.

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Iraq in Crisis Prayer

As sectarian violence threatens to tear Iraq apart, pray for the Kurdish people to worship the only One worthy of praise.

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Afghanistan Feature

Stories, photo galleries, videos and prayers focusing on a country broken by war and in need of peace. As US troops withdraw in 2014, join us in praying for the peoples of Afghanistan during this critical season.

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The Faces of Afghanistan Photo

Take a moment to look in the eyes of Afghans of different ages and genders from different tribal groups. Reflect on their need to know the one who fashioned their hearts and souls. Pray that they would be reconciled to the God who sees them and who sent His son so that they could know eternal peace.

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Pray for Central Asia

Pray that the blood of those who have given their lives for the Gospel would be used to bring a great harvest. @IMB_SBC #afghanistan Ask the Spirit to place questions into the hearts of Afghans so that they doubt the false foundation on which they stand. @IMB_SBC #pray