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Prayerwalking in Central Asia Video

The blessing is seeing God's glory.

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Smuggled Afghan Refugees Infographic

An Afghan family escapes to Athens. But is life as a refugee any better? Delara tells her story in gut-level honesty.

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Afghanistan Feature

Stories, photo galleries, videos and prayers focusing on a country broken by war and in need of peace.

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Pray for Central Asia

Pray for Muslim immigrants who face prejudices and isolation in many cities throughout Europe. Pray for open eyes. ow.ly/i/bxN0v

Short Term in Moscow: Brief Interactions Offer an Eternal Impact Video

In Moscow, short-term volunteers locate Central Asians and establish relationships with them throughout the city. An estimated one-third of Moscow’s population comes from the “-stan” countries of the Former Soviet Union. The fruit from a short-term team supports the long-term vision to minister to the ever-shifting population of Central Asian migrant workers.

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Today's Prayer

July 02, 2015
Mazandarani of Iran There are an estimated 4 million Mazandarani (pronounced mah-ZAHN-dar-on-ee) living in Iran along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. They enjoy a thriving agricultural economy, which has benefited from an influx of oil revenue. They grow rice, tea, fruit, and cotton, and are known for breeding Arabian horses, a breed of...

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