Central Asian Peoples

Prayerwalking in Central Asia Video

The blessing is seeing God's glory.

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Smuggled Afghan Refugees Infographic

An Afghan family escapes to Athens. But is life as a refugee any better? Delara tells her story in gut-level honesty.

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Afghanistan Feature

Stories, photo galleries, videos and prayers focusing on a country broken by war and in need of peace.

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Snapshots of Church in CA Story

A glimpse into three different experiences of church

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Pray for Central Asia

"I saw you in a dream. You were stretching your hand out to me," one Central Asian man told his believing friend. Pray for salvation. The residents of Erzurum, Turkey, tend to be nationalistic and wholly devoted to Islam. Those who leave the faith can expect persecution.

Moscow: Through My Eyes Video

Maybe Moscow is the place for you – come see for yourself!

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Today's Prayer

May 21, 2015
Highland Singers of Central Asia “While waiting for a flight, I met a woman named Amina*, who had worked for the government for years, heading up community projects for women. We really hit it off, as we were amused by the same things; it just was easy to talk with her. The flight was canceled, so we parted ways, and I didn’t see her again...

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