Central Asian Peoples

Afghanistan Feature

Stories, photo galleries, videos and prayers focusing on a country broken by war and in need of peace.

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Afghanistan Prayer Guide Resource

Prayer requests, stories and photography fill this 32-page booklet that will challenge you to pray for Afghanistan.

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Istanbul Prayer Guide Booklet

Step onto the streets of this historic city. Pray for God to build His church in areas rarely visited by tourists.

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Along the Silk Road Book Resource

Striking photography and in-depth stories reflect the humanity, spiritual hunger and hope Central Asians.

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Along the Silk Road Story

There are flashes of startling beauty along the Silk Road—a network of trade routes woven through the heart of Central Asia. Travel several segments of the old Silk Road, visiting modern cities and ancient sites. These stories, images and video present a picture of ancient peoples living in a modern world.

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Adopt a City Prayer

Pray for God's spirit to awaken hearts in cities across Turkey, then commit to bring light to one of them.

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Pray for Central Asia

There is no Christian work among the Abaza of Russia. Pray for God to open doors and bring the Gospel. #pray It often takes creativity to enter & stay in a country. Pray that God will help those He is calling to share the Gospel with Azeri people.