Central Asian Peoples

The One Story

After an unexpected encounter in an elevator, Gina shares the truth of Christ with one Central Asian woman.

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Humbled to the Ground Story

Family serving in Central Asia struggled with constant uncertainty.

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To Have a Future Story

Not even a dangerous path through mountains, forest and sea stops an Afghan mother from pursuing a future for her children.

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Afghanistan Feature

Stories, photo galleries, videos and prayers focusing on a country broken by war and in need of peace.

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Pray for Central Asia

There has been increased persecution in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Pray God's protection over believers. Some people groups in Central Asia have only one known believer. Will you ask God to encourage these lone believers?

Communicating art in a postmodern world Video

Art translates across cultural and social borders to communicate Truth

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Today's Prayer

July 30, 2015
Central Asian Peoples Workers serving among a Central Asian people group write: "Ask that our team members will have the energy, interest, and perseverance needed to learn the language of the people all around them. This will enable them to be able to converse on any and all subjects that come up. Pray that the children on the team will develop...

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