Central Asian Peoples

Prayerwalking in Central Asia Video

The blessing is seeing God's glory.

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Thank you CA Video

Thousands of men and women heard the gospel this year because you gave to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Thank you.

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Smuggled Afghan Refugees Infographic

An Afghan family escapes to Athens. But is life as a refugee any better? Delara tells her story in gut-level honesty.

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Pray for Central Asia

"Do you believe these things we’re reading really happened?" one Crimean Tatar woman asked as she read the Scripture. Pray for Lenie*. #pray Pray that Central Asian believers will not let sin reign in their bodies (Romans 6).

Moscow: Through My Eyes Video

Maybe Moscow is the place for you – come see for yourself!

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Today's Prayer

March 05, 2015
Turkmen and Uzbeks of Northern Afghanistan (TUNA) Pray for neighbors, asking that the local men will see in the believers godly men who love their wives and children and enjoy being with them. Also ask that the local men will see godly men who discipline their children with love. Pray that the neighborhood women will see godly women who are...

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