Central Asian Peoples
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Intercession is a journey into the presence of God. Long for God's kingdom to come and for his will to be done as you lift up the names of the peoples of Central Asia.

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Week of Prayer 2015

Week of Prayer for International Missions is an opportunity for churches to join in prayer for the work of missionaries who take the gospel to people in cities and extreme places. It’s also a time to reflect on giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® that supports them.


Prayers for the Peoples of the Caucasus

The Caucasus Mountains — located between the Black and Caspian Seas — are largely unknown to the praying world. Yet within these vast and beautiful mountains, some of the earth’s most unreached peoples live in oppressive spiritual darkness. Enter into God’s redemptive plan for the Caucasus by praying for the people between the seas.


May eyes be opened: Prayers for the city of Bursa, Turkey

Discover one of the greenest cities in Turkey and pray that it would be filled with gospel light.


Prayerwalking: Seeing God's Glory

Hear the heart of a prayerwalking volunteer as she shares about her preparation and purpose in praying for Central Asian people where they live. See from her eyes the sights and sounds of a Central Asian city in need of prayer.


Ramadan - An opportunity

Ramadan is a time to pray for and reach out to Muslims around the United States. Will you make the most of the opportunity?


Prayer and Fasting: Tatars of Central Asia

In the 10th century, Tatars converted to Islam. Six centuries later, the Muslim Tatar people suffered atrocities “in the name of Jesus” at the hands of Ivan the Terrible. That dark period of Tatar history continues to be an obstacle to the gospel after more than 500 years. Join in prayer and fasting on April 26.


Iraq in Crisis: Prayers for the Kurds

Amidst the chaos swirling around the Kurds in Iraq, God is not shaken or moved. He reigns on high, and He is what they need. Join us in praying for the Kurdish people to worship the only One worthy of praise.


Today's Prayer

Tajiks of Afghanistan

February 10, 2016
Tajiks of Afghanistan He is a young father in his early thirties and has three children under the age of 5. Thankfully, he has a good job and is able to provide for his family, but he is heartbroken for them. He has found something that has changed his life; he has found a Rescuer, a Savior. He has found hope for this world, but his family does not share his beliefs. In fact, just a few weeks ago, he got the courage to share with his wife that he is a follower of Jesus. He told her and began to show her the film called "God Is Love," which was produced by Iranian believers. He said that is how he began to understand God's heart for mankind and he wanted his wife to understand, too. Please pray for this family, asking that God will use this husband and father to show the love of Jesus and speak the words of truth to them. Ask the Holy Spirit to soften the heart of his wife so that she may also embrace this great forgiveness and steadfast love of God. Pray for other Tajik men in Afghanistan who have become followers of Jesus, asking that they will become heartbroken over the need of salvation for their families and be bold in proclaiming the Good News.

Pray for the Districts of Istanbul

Behind the Ottoman glory, behind the gleaming waters of the Bosporus, and behind the postcards, the neighborhoods of Istanbul are in desperate need of the Gospel. Learn about twelve of Istanbul’s districts and pray for God to work for His glory in Istanbul’s neighborhoods.


A Call to Prayer: Join a movement of prayer for Afghanistan

Become part of a movement of prayer for Afghanistan. Join us in praying for peace, reconciliation, restoration, and hope for a country broken by war.


Afghanistan Prayer Guide: Prayers for the Healing of a Country

The future of Afghanistan is uncertain. Prayer requests, stories and photography fill this 32-page booklet that will challenge you to pray for Afghanistan.


Seeing Afghanistan: Prayers for the Healing of a Country

A glimpse into a country broken by war and in need of peace and reconciliation.


Host a Women's Prayer Tea

Whether an intimate gathering in a home or a special event for a women's ministry, a prayer tea is a cross-cultural experience that will inspire women to pray with compassion for Muslim women.


Share Tea, Share Life: Conversations with Women in Central Asia, vol 2

Women serving in Central Asia invite you into their world, sharing with you some of the issues and deep hurts revealed when women gather around a steaming pot of tea. This booklet includes a guide to hosting a prayer tea.


Pray for the Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatars work to reclaim their heritage after decades of prejudice and mistreatment.