Central Asian Peoples

21st Century Miracle Story

Thousands of Scripture downloads from remote Central Asian villages encourage a team of workers in full-time Internet work.

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Ten Refugee Realities Photo

Millions of people are displaced and hurting. Glimpse ten aspects of the refugee experience and learn to respond with hope.

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Hidden Lives in the Caucasus Photo

Explore village life high in the Caucasus mountains, home to peoples like the Avar, Inghiloi, Xinaliq and Lezgi.

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May a Light Dawn Resource

Perhaps through this booklet, God will use your prayers to bring life to a remote, obscure corner of Central Asia.

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Pray for Central Asia

An elderly woman in the #Caucasus mountains talks about the many changes she has seen in her lifetime. pic.twitter.com/rCPaJdx1rl Please lift up a Turkish Bible study that has been meeting weekly for the past few months in West Germany. #Turk #diaspora

LMCO Promotion Quick-start bundle Link

This bundle contains: a promotional video – "Because of Who He is", David Platt sermon video – "It will be costly … it will be worth it", missionary testimony video – MEXICO: To be sent is an honor (2:24), your Lottie Moon gifts at work – examples of how gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering reach those who’ve never heard Who God is. In this package there is also recommended resources for print, newsletters or media presentations such as: Infographic – Your impact through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, Funding chart – Giving to send missionaries, Graphics (Clip art) – Because of Who He is, Poster/presentation slide – Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

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Today's Prayer

November 23, 2015
Central Asian Peoples A small medical team in a city of 6 million people hopes to begin a new medical project this month to serve pregnant women and their families. Please ask the Father to open doors for government approval for this project and to open the eyes of the project manager to His Truth. Pray that He will raise up "people of peace"...

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