Central Asian Peoples

Prayerwalking in Central Asia Video

The blessing is seeing God's glory.

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Thank you CA Video

Thousands of men and women heard the gospel this year because you gave to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Thank you.

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Smuggled Afghan Refugees Infographic

An Afghan family escapes to Athens. But is life as a refugee any better? Delara tells her story in gut-level honesty.

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Pray for Central Asia

Norene* reads Scripture, can quote some of it from memory but does not understand it is the Word of God. Ask Him to open her heart. pic.twitter.com/Aetb46q7fv

Moscow: Through My Eyes Video

Maybe Moscow is the place for you – come see for yourself!

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Today's Prayer

April 02, 2015
Europe Please pray for Pastor Thomas*. He is working with a couple of men who fear their neighbors and the imams (religious leaders). Thomas* has been threatened, but he is ignoring it and is continuing to work in the Turkish-Roma community. He covets your prayers about the influence of imams and Orthodox priests in the village. He also wants...

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